Shipping and Delivery

1. Validity of conditions

The deliveries, services and offers of Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG and its online store are made exclusively on the basis of these terms and conditions, even if they are not expressly agreed again. These terms and conditions are deemed to have been accepted when the goods or services are ordered. The customer's general terms and conditions of purchase are hereby rejected. Any deviation from these terms and conditions is only valid if confirmed in writing by Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG.

2. Terms of delivery

Delivery is only made to delivery addresses in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

All delivery dates and times are approximate unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing.

Visible quantity discrepancies must be reported in writing to Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG immediately upon receipt of the goods, and hidden quantity discrepancies within 5 days of receipt of the goods. Complaints concerning damage, delay, loss or incorrect packaging must be made immediately upon receipt of the goods.

3. Transfer of risk

The risk shall be transferred to the Customer as soon as the consignment has been handed over to the person carrying out the transport service

4. Warranty/guarantee

Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG, respectively the manufacturer, warrants the device to be free from defects and to function properly for 2 years after delivery.


If the operating instructions are not followed, if modifications are made, if parts are replaced or if consumables not conforming to the original specifications are used, any warranty is void insofar as the defect is the cause. The same applies if the defect is due to inappropriate use, storage or handling of the devices, or to the intervention of third parties, or if the devices are opened.


Minor deviations from the promised characteristics of the goods do not give rise to warranty claims. Any liability for normal wear and tear, as well as for consumables/accessories/batteries/accumulators removed or installed, is excluded.


In the event of a warranty claim, the right to repair, replacement or modification applies. Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG is entitled to choose the method of repair. If Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG chooses to modify the contract, a credit note will be issued at the selling price at the time of the order. The warranty period is not interrupted by any warranty or guarantee claim, but continues to run.


Exchanging devices does not trigger new warranty periods.

5. Returns during the test phase

In all cases, the customer is responsible for packaging the goods to be returned in such a way that they can be transported, and for bearing the costs of packaging and transport.

Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG accepts no liability for damage/loss of goods due to improper packaging. If the customer entrusts the goods to a forwarding agent, the customer assumes the risk of safe transport of the goods. In the event of returns during the test phase, the purchase price will be refunded to the customer after receipt of the used device, less the flat-rate charge for the test phase(s) (in the event of advance payment) or the test phase(s) will be invoiced in the event of purchase against invoice. In all cases, the delivery date is decisive for calculating the number of test phases to be invoiced.For devices returned in their original packaging and unused within 14 days of purchase, a processing fee of CHF 45 will be charged. Thereafter, at least one test phase will be invoiced, whether or not the device has been used. The date of delivery is also decisive for invoicing. Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG may withhold credit until it has received the returned goods or the customer has provided proof that the goods have been returned, whichever is the earlier.

6. Payment/reminder and collection charges

Invoices are payable within 45 days. The available payment methods are specified in the online store. Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG reserves the right, if necessary, to carry out a credit check in accordance with the data protection declaration, which may restrict the method of payment. For the purposes of credit checks, your personal data will be forwarded to Inkasso Med AG / Intrum AG and may be stored there.A payment is only considered to have been made when Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG has the funds at its disposal.If payment is not made within the aforementioned period, the customer is in arrears.

In the event of late payment, Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG may reduce the customer's creditworthiness, limit payment methods and withhold outstanding deliveries. In addition, the customer will receive a written reminder.Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG will charge the following reminder fees:

  • 1st reminder: CHF 5.00
  • 2nd reminder: CHF 10.00


In the event of unsuccessful reminders, Flow Neuroscience Suisse c/o Neurolite SA may assign the claim to Inkasso Med AG / Intrum AG. Inkasso Med AG / Intrum AG will assert unpaid amounts in its own name and for its own account, and may charge additional processing fees.

7. Shipping costs/supplément pour petites quantités

  • Device - free shipping
  • Pads - shipping costs: CHF 12.


Shipping is not charged for orders over CHF 100.

8. Limitation of liability

Claims for damages for impossibility of performance, for breach of contract, for fault in concluding the contract and for unlawful acts are excluded both against Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG and against auxiliaries and substitutes, except in cases of intent or gross negligence. No liability is accepted for consequential damage arising from the use of the products.

9. Data protection

Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG undertakes to comply with the legal provisions on data protection when processing customer data. Further information on the processing of customer data can be found in the separate data protection declaration. The data protection declaration is an integral part of these general terms and conditions. By accepting the general terms and conditions, the customer also accepts the data protection declaration.

10. Jurisdiction

Belp has exclusive jurisdiction for all disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship. The legal relationship is subject to Swiss law.

11. Final provisions

Flow Neuroscience Schweiz c/o Neurolite AG reserves the right to modify the General Terms and Conditions at any time. If any provision of these General Terms and Conditions is found to be invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions or the General Terms and Conditions as a whole. The invalid provision shall be replaced by the applicable statutory provisions.